Saturday, May 17, 2008

The vanishing wild life and environment conservation!

According to a major report published by World Wild Life Fund on last Friday, the world’s wild life population has reduced by around a quarter since 1970. Marine species have been particularly hard hit as the human population booms. The number of fish, bird and animals, all has gone down according to the report. The decline in species in fresh water, marine, and land has gone down to 29, 28, and 25 percent.

The conservation charity warned that a failure to halt biodiversity loss would have negative impacts for humans. In next 30 years the climate change is expected to become the biggest threat to the species according to the report.

And I am wondering “Are we moving ahead or marching for the downfall?”
I am scratching my head about the possible solution for this. However, I also wonder that there is a reaction of all the actions that we take to meet our daily requirements.

However, It would be very interesting to know what are the remedial measures for this and what the wise people think about this.

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