Monday, May 19, 2008

Coming to US & Canada!

Dear all,

How are you and how is the life going?

I am soooo sorry as I haven't been in touch for long and not written to you. I was busy with my work and there wasn't much interesting to share too.

I am in Delhi and working for an NGO called "Centre for Civil Society". The life is going all right but not really very interesting. I am missing my college days and life in my home town.

It is not only with me but my other friends also. We screwed up our life striving dreaming for a good job and professional life as a good job means lot for us. And now when we some what the same want we really wanted there is not much satisfaction. I hope we will get to do something which is interesting and gives us satisfaction too.

By the way I am writing this mail to all of you for a specific purpose. I guess a few of you already know this. I am coming to attend a program in US for two weeks and Canada for three days. I didn't write you all as I was waiting for my visa and I have my Visa now. I am yet to buy my ticket and I am making my plan.

According to the schedule of my program I am supposed to reach Washington on 16th July. They will take me to Lake Ontario and I have to attend a program for three days 17, 18 and 19. And then they will take me to Alexandria to attend the program from 20th to 1st of August.

But, I also want to meet my friends and host family in Guelf. If I go as par their program I will have hardly any time to meet others and I can't enter Canada again as I have only single entry visa for Canada. And one more factor money if I stay there for extra days it might be very expensive for me.

I had chat with my friend Christina, a girl from Hamilton. She is eager to host me at her place and can take me to Guelf also. So now I am planning to fly directly to Toronto and reach there by 10th July, Saturday. I can stay with Christina and look for possibility to meet with you all and spend some time if possible. We will figure it out and join the program directly at Lake Niagara on 17th and go along with the program schedule. Let's see. I will keep you guys posted. Let me know if you guys are around during those days then we can catch up.

Looking forward to meeting you all,

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